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Support needs vary greatly between companies and organizations. Smaller companies may wish to outsource all of their IT support needs. Medium and Large scale ones may wish to totally outsource or augment their internal IT resources. SAITS offers support in many forms and on terms tailored to fit your needs.  We work with Information Technology professionals around the world. We provide expertise and experience that many organizations simply cannot afford to have available in house.

Emergency Support
Emergencies happen at any time. Often in business off hours. SAITS emergency services are available to help when and as needed. Services of this type are intended to get you back up and operating at minimal or previously determined service levels as quickly as possible.  Tailored emergency service contracts are available to qualified customers.

Pay As You Go Support
We offer Pay As You Go support as an option for organizations that wish to pay as services are needed this is the option. SAITS will charge per hour, per day and per diem as appropriate. All of SAITS services can be purchased this way.

Maintenance Support Agreements
SAITS will enter into fixed cost maintenance and support agreements for qualified organizations. These services are offered only after SAITS and the customer have brought the infrastructure to be maintained up to a pre-determined level of quality and reliability. Once these levels have been achieved this option provides a known and predictable cost for your organization.  Exceptional incidents such as build requests and the like are not covered.

Emergency Support
After hour support is provided on a contract basis as a part of our Total IT Solutions. If you are in need of immediate assistance please call our toll free number and you will be contacted as soon as possible and as is consistent with your service level.


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