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Forensics Investigation



SAITS Forensic services are a hidden gem of expertise. Often overlooked by companies and organizations until disaster strikes or a near disaster occurs. This is where and when our expertise can help you most.  Data forensics is the art and process of recovering damaged data, file systems, data storage systems and related issues. Data forensics also covers a wide area of investigative applications.

SAITS brings proven expertise in server and data recovery as well as data protection expertise.  We have the experience and methodologies to safely handle single disk data recovery through to intensive data reconstruction for large storage arrays in the hundreds of terabytes. SAITS storage engineers have successfully helped many businesses and organizations recover critical data that was thought to be beyond hope of salvage.

If disaster strikes, STOP and CALL, our proven experience on your side will give you a much greater chance for a successful recovery.  Better yet, call us before disaster strikes and let us help you implement a Disaster Recovery Plan that will provide the best possible survivability for your organization.

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