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Disaster Recovery Planning


DISASTER RECOVERY PLANNING – Planning . Prevention . Testing . Recovery

Creating and adhering to a Disaster Recovery Plan is critical to ensuring your business or organization has the best chance for quick recovery after a disaster strikes.  A disruption to your business could be a result of a network failure, power outage or other natural disaster. Back-ups and a tested SAITS Disaster Recovery Plan allows for minimizing data loss such as financial information, inventory, processes, settings etc. Planning ahead is critical to ensuring your business is protected against data loss and allows for quick recovery in the event of a disaster.

Although back-ups are critical, they are often not enough if a plan on how to recover quickly after a disaster is not in place. We specialize in providing for preservation and recovery of computer records, processes and infrastructure. We believe that proactive disaster planning is the most important starting point to ensuring quick recovery after a disaster but Plan Testing is also important and often missed in the planning process, along with Compliance Auditing. How well you recover after a disaster depends on how well you plan ahead.

SAITS Disaster Recovery Plan development and plan testing are critical to preventing lost data, time and income.  Contact us today.

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