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Our Approach



Our proven approach to IT Service Management addresses people, process, and technology by combining international standards such as ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library) with best practices derived from many implementations and deployments for client’s in Canada and overseas.

We work with our clients to develop a wide range of technological improvements which we will provide them:

  • Repair & restoration of all tiers servers and storage hardware (HP, Dell, IBM, etc) eliminating the need for multiple vendor contracts, warranty and billing;
  • A logical IT infrastructure design with an enterprise service-oriented direction;
  • Data storage management consulting with a systematic and unique approach to determine your data storage requirements which is followed by design and complete installation and configuration of related hardware and software;
  • Data storage networking services to design and to implement load-sharing/balancing for network data storage management along with clustering symmetric data access management;
  • Server & storage virtualization for cloud implementations and data flow management eliminating the barrier of physical volumes to implement universal logical and virtual data centre offering full data protection, high level security and real-time continuous access;
  • SAN & IPSAN storage implementation utilizing Fibre based iSCSI based storage backbone for remote data storage management, as well as backup from anywhere around the world offering easy thin computing capabilities both at the data and application level;
  • Disaster recovery planning, off-site and remote backup solutions;
  • Data recovery and data forensic services combined with years of expertise in systems programming, firmware development and great understanding of data storage hardware providing our corporate clients with data recovery services in case of disaster at OS, hardware or software level.

Measurable Outcomes – We help your IT organization to:

  • Reduce operational costs by an average of 50% offering higher TCO and ROI;
  • Increase storage capacity and utilization to more than 70% while maintaining the data integrity and the costs low;
  • Align service levels with business requirements for reduction of multi-vendors contracts and negotiations;
  • Improve your ability to manage more information without increasing staff or higher cost of hardware and software;
  • Increase the value of information by making it continuously available, re-usable, and secure.

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